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In Jena and Stadtroda we have about 38.000 square metres of storage area in various sizes, qualities and for different requirements.
Well versed and experienced warehouse workers, state-of-the art trans-shipment technology as well as modern warehouse software with the possibility to link to your PPS-system make a smooth trans-shipment, regular storage, stock maintenance and the inspection of incoming and outgoing goods possible.

Our knowledgeable warehouse personnel would like to give you counselling.


Your goods shall arrive at the recipient in an undamaged condition.
Only with a packaging that is properly tailored to the goods and the means of transport, each transport can be carried out in a carefree way for the customer and the forwarding agent.

Our packaging specialists offer the following industrial packaging to you:

  • Export packaging including climate protection
  • Cardboard packaging in all material qualities and packaging sizes
  • Packaging of boxes taking into account the applicable export provisions
  • Special packaging of all kind
  • Packaging of heavy goods
  • Packaging of dangerous goods
  • Packaging counselling and packaging construction


You can save workforce, packaging material, storage area and time!
Our trained packaging- and warehouse personnel saves you the picking work and carries out the following services:

  • Picking of branded goods, consumer goods and industrial articles
  • Generation of picking receipt and determination of the re-packaging
  • Picking and sending of individual articles according to your requirements
  • Provision of the picking for the packaging
  • Quality check
    Our specialist department is looking forward to your enquiries.

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