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Dispatch services

Would you like to send your goods to Barbados, Bhutan, Rwanda or simply to the U.S.A.?
Each country has its specific provisions with regard to taxes, customs and trade which have to be adhered to. The payment transactions are often attached to the regular execution of the transport. In a time of globalization of the world economy with the protection against terrorism at the same time, one has to primarily pay attention to the completion of preventive, security-relevant measures in the transport- and logistics trade.
As a dispatch forwarding agent of many years┤ s standing and approved regulated person in charge according to the latest guidelines of the Federal Aviation Authority for the implementation of the current EU-regulation and the Air Safety Act dated 02/01/2006 the Kontinent Spedition helps you realize these ancillary services not to be underestimated.

Our services comprise:

  • Counselling on export- and import processing, project handling
  • Drawing up of all delivery-, customs and transport documents
  • Organization and carrying out of transport, tracing of consignments
  • Order processing, invoicing for our customers
  • Drawing up of transport- and bank documents according to letter of credit
  • Getting of all documents according to letter of credit
  • Discussion on country-specific packaging guidelines including use of suitable packaging materials and containers
  • Claims handling and consignment control

01/2009 Kontinent Spedition is authorised Economic operator AEOF (certification no. DE AEOF 100409)

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