over 30 yearsadvanced logistics


We have carefully designed our intralogistics, focusing on materials provision, delivery frequency, and correct, on-time provision.


The logistics material and goods flows within our premises or the manufacturing process provide the link to your supply-chain management.

We offer you the following resources to optimize your processes:



Internal transport

  • Milk runs/tugger train concepts
  • Fully integrated, scanner-assisted delivery
  • Supply within the framework of supermarket or railway station concepts
  • Kanban production stock replenishment (pull or push process)
  • Line feeding processes
  • Rush order handling

Value-added services

  • Reusable container concepts (Euro containers, heavy load carriers, and special load carriers)
  • Container management
  • Returns and empty container management
  • RMA processes (packing and unpacking activities)
  • Component disassembly or reassembly