over 30 yearsadvanced logistics


Just in time, door to door

Our express shipments are known for their short response times, on-time delivery, and maximum reliability. At Kontinent, we pull out all the stops to ensure that your shipments arrive at their destination as quickly as possible.


Within Germany, we deliver just in time with our own fleet specifically designed for this purpose and even deliver door-to-door on request. Special, heavy load, and express shipments, including ADR shipments, are also in good hands with us.

Extensive network

We work together with reliable partners in our highly effective network beyond Germany’s borders to ensure that your deliveries are handled swiftly with assured cost efficiency. In doing so, we’ll take care of all customs formalities on request.


We’re also connected with market-leading courier and parcel service providers via an electronic data-processing interface and transmit all details directly online. This speeds up parcel shipment to any location worldwide.